Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Due:
March 1, 2014

Acceptance Notification Due:
April 1, 2014

Early Registration Due:
June 15, 2014

Extended Abstract Due:
June 15, 2014

2nd HMnS 2014:
Aug. 31 - Sept. 04, 2014


The HMnS 2014 is the second international conference covering all aspects of High Mn Steels. Based on the success of the first HMnS 2011 in Seoul, Korea, the HMnS 2014 will continue as an international forum for scientific and technical discussions in the field of High Mn steels.

High Mn Steels exhibit complex mechanisms leading to an unusual combination of extraordinary mechanical properties. To address the ongoing scientific and industrial developments in the design and processing of manganese-rich high-strength steels, we are planning to expand the topic of the conference from austenitic high-manganese steels to medium manganese-steels with ferritic/austenitic microstructures (Mn approximately 3 to 30 wt.%). The HMnS 2014 will bring together international scientists and engineers to discuss on understanding the underlying physical phenomena and solving the relevant technical challenges.

We intend to address participants both from scientific institutions and from industry. In total we are considering 8 oral sessions on topics like: Applications, Alloy Design, Modeling and Simulation of Plasticity and Thermodynamics, Processing, Fundamentals of Twinning, Advanced Characterization Methods as well as Failure, Damage and Hydrogen impact. The poster sesssion is open to all research aspects related to High Mn steels offering a nice discussion atmosphere.

There will be a conference excursion to visit the Max-Planck-Institute in Duesseldorf combined with a boat trip on the river Rhine. Several post-conference tours will be offered.


HMnS2014 announcement

HMnS 2014
Aug. 31 - Sept. 04, 2014
Aachen, Germany